Job Details

The Job –

  • Responsible for creating new External Service Provider components in .Net . Examples of provider components are loyalty server, bill payments server, EFT, Coupon Servers. All code is primarily back end and does not require strong GUI skills.
  • New provider components
  • Upgrading and optimizing existing development
  • Bug fixing.

Technologies used –

  • General Services Engine developed in .Net 4.0.
  • MS SQL Server , SQL Lite.

Technology Skills Required 

  • Strong .Net coding.
  • Knowledge of XML & TCP,WCF & Web API/RESTFUL.

Troubleshooting –

  • Keen code & process debugger.

Systems & Architecture –

  • Design Pattern Principles * Knowledge of Retail Industry
  • SQL Server database. design principle.

Personal Traits –

  • Self-Motivated and must be methodical.
  • Good coding ethics.

Candidate Requirements

Minimum Skills Required:

  • SQL knowledge, setup configuration, queries and design, maintenance on existing code and solutions.
  • 2-3 years active experience in programming.
  • 18 months SQL.
  • Team player, keen attitude towards learning, ability to make decisions on your own and justify decision taken.
  • Valid Drivers License.