A Warm Welcome to 2021

No doubt, 2020 threw some obstacles in your path. If last year taught us anything, it’s that we can’t predict the future. No-one was prepared for a world-wide pandemic. The pandemic had a huge effect on reaching your goals, so how do you set goals for the year ahead?

Change to a Weekly View

Consider taking a week-over-week, month-to-month or quarterly update approach to see the progress your company has made in 2020. Once you have strong data points, make your 2021 goals based on the growth percentages experienced this past year.

Acknowledge and Make Goals Based on Little Wins

Acknowledge the areas that your organisation fared well during the pandemic and make 2021 goals compared to those basepoints. Build upon the little wins and look toward bringing back a sense of normalcy within your company.

Embrace the Failures and Focus on the Future

For most companies, 2020 represented a year full of setbacks and struggles. This may be the first year your company posted a loss since it was first opened. Or maybe, you took a hit trying to keep the company afloat during economic lockdowns and aren’t sure how you’ll recover. There are real issues companies are facing today that make optimistic goal-setting more difficult than ever. But if you are able to analyse the events of this past year, chalk it up to experience, and make plans and put systems in place to protect yourself and your team for potential future events, you can come out of 2020 with newfound vigor and drive.

Focus on the future: what you can control, and what you can’t control. Embrace the setbacks of 2020 and walk into 2021 with plans based on past achievements. Who knows? Maybe 2021 will be your breakout year. As always, the best is yet to come. You just have to be ready to embrace it.

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