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Challenging the recruitment status quo.

It is time to challenge the status quo, and change the face of recruitment! EVA, the latest service of Express Employment Professionals, is making recruitment easy and worry-free.

We pride ourselves on thinking differently her at EVA. We challenge the status qua by breaking the mould of recruitment. Being a leader in the industry, we decided it’s time to turn the normal recruitment process on its head, making it easy, affordable and worry-free. If recruitment makes you shiver and fill up with dread, fear not: EVA has your back…

Slashing costs

Recruitment agencies are costly. Placement fees can make a dip in your budget – but with EVA there are no fees or monthly expenses when you hire an EVA. You select your EVA yourself, on the website, choose the hours you want the EVA to work and only pay the hourly rate, as simple as that. There are no hidden costs! There are no overhead costs. There are no contracts to sign.

We talk to you

Communicating with an agency can be a headache for both candidates and companies: not receiving feedback is extremely frustrating. EVA promises you a completely different experience. You have access to all of the information you need, and all the EVA’s you need at the click of a button. What’s more, our EVAs are in contact with you right from the start.


In this industry, there is often a culture of “quantity over quality”. It is competitive, with multiple recruiters vying for the same clients, so companies are often flooded with loads of candidates who are a poor fit or haven’t been properly screened. Worst-case scenario? You hire a candidate, only to find out later that the candidate was not properly vetted and is not suited for the role or your company culture. You already paid the placement fee and have an employee on your books that’s not working out. What a headache!

This will never happen at EVA: we guarantee all EVAs have been screened, tested, vetted and trained. They are all experts in their respective fields, with hardcore industry experience. This makes it easy for you to choose your EVA based on the exact nature of the skills you want. What’s more is you have support on call, always! EVA has dedicated consultants that are here to help.

Spare yourself the pain of dealing with agencies or freelancers. Let us do the work for you.. Get in touch to get started on booking your EVA today.


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