Climb the Ladder: 5 Ways to Get That Promotion in 2017

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Here are a few suggestions to snag a promotion and climb the company ladder in the coming year.

Be Dependable

This one seems obvious, but a lack of dependability is one of the top complaints of many bosses. So show up on time. Call or text if you realize you’re going to be delayed. If you’re too sick to make it to work, give the boss as much advance notice as possible so he or she can make arrangements to cover your absence. Complete your assignments and tasks on time. Don’t schedule personal days during particularly busy times or in the middle of time-sensitive projects. Want to really make a positive impression? Be the go-to person for your boss or supervisor. Volunteer to take on additional responsibilities.

Be Coachable

Learn from the wisdom of people who have “been there, done that.” A good coach dispenses guidance and feedback to help you improve, not to ridicule you and point out your flaws. Condition yourself to accept constructive criticism, and don’t take it personally. Make it your goal to become a better listener. When someone gives you instruction or advice, give your full, undivided attention. Don’t try to formulate your response until the person speaking finishes their thought and you’ve taken a moment to process the information. Ask follow-up questions to show that you understand and to clarify anything that may be unclear. Seek advice and guidance from trusted sources. Learn more about being coachable here.

Think Like a Boss

While you’re on the job, take on a corporate mindset. Consider how your job fits in to the big picture. How does what you and your department do affect the other employees and departments in your organization? Be proactive. Try to anticipate situations that may affect your job or department. Be mindful of when particularly busy periods occur in your workplace and recognize the challenges that come along with it. You don’t have to be the first person to raise your hand when the boss needs someone to work an overtime shift, but at least you won’t be surprised when she asks.

Speak Up

Voicing your opinion shows your boss and co-workers that you’re engaged and interested in solving problems. There are many reasons people are reluctant to make their voices heard. Maybe you’re an introvert or you’re afraid your ideas will be rejected. Whatever the reason, if speaking in front of a group stresses you out, you’re not alone. When it comes to gaining self-assurance, remember to project confidence, make eye contact, and keep your comments short and to the point. Read these tips for building your speaking muscle.

Read More

First, learn everything you can about the company you work for. Hopefully your employer has a website. Refresh your memory by reading the About Us section to brush up on company history, their mission statement, and corporate leaders. Be aware of the products and services your employer provides and of the types of customers your company serves. Second, keep up with the news and trends that affect your line of work. Read books, blogs, and websites that focus on your industry or business. The ability to intelligently discuss the state of your business or industry will definitely set you apart from the competition.

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