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Do I Pay My Temp Staff Overtime And Public Holiday Wages?

It is vital to be Labour Law compliant in South Africa. Make sure you are compliant with overtime and public holidays for your temp staff, too.

The Labour Relations Act is very specific in detailing the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers. Your HR department should be keeping track and making sure that you are always Labour Law compliant, especially when it comes to leave days and overtime pay. A common misconception is that the Act refers only to permanent staff and there is great uncertainty about how to handle overtime and public holiday wages for temporary staff. At Express Employment Professionals, we are experts in everything to do with temp staff recruitment, including being well versed in keeping you in compliance with labour laws and regulations.

The basics

The SA Labour Law protects both employees and employers. This extends to temporary workers too. Temporary staff are entitled to leave, sick pay, and overtime rates, just like the permanent staff. Leave due can vary due to the conditions of employment, and overtime/public holiday wages are calculated depending on the rate of pay for the worker.

According to

“Whether employed through an employment agency (or labour broker) or by the company directly, under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act a temporary employee must receive annual paid leave, sick leave and is entitled to family responsibility leave, sick leave and overtime as with any other employee. Furthermore, temporary employees are also entitled to be paid for public holidays that arise during the tenure of employment.”

Get in the experts in temp staff management

Keeping track of your temp staff can be more than your HR department has time for. In addition, your staff may not be aware of what it means to be compliant with the Labour Relations Act when it comes to temp staff.

Working with Express Employment Professionals means you have access to top-quality temp staff without the headache and stress. We find the staff you need, when you need them, and handle all of the nitty-gritty for you.

We keep track of hours worked etc., to make sure that overtime and public holiday wages for temp staff are managed correctly.

To work with world-class professionals in temp staff recruitment and management, don’t wait another minute to get in touch. Visit our contact page to find an office near you or fill out our convenient online form.

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