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Doing the Math on Working with an EVA

We know some of you multiply an EVA’s hourly to find their monthly salary total – which is an absurd amount. Which is why we give you the chance to book per hour and don’t break the bank! Let’s consider what goes into the EVA’s rates.

Visitors to our website may look at Express Virtual Assistants’ EVAs’ hourly rates and do the multiplication sum to find their monthly salary amount. This may seem like a crazy amount, but it’s not that simple.

Just multiplying those numbers doesn’t paint the whole picture and doesn’t take into consideration everything an EVA brings to the table.


All of our EVA’s have years of experience. You’re not booking a student in college or someone with no practical work experience. When you book an EVA you book a specialist. No matter which rate they are – the only difference is the amount of years’ experience they have. Some of our EVAs have decades of work experience.

Thus, most of them may actually make salaries close to the amount you worked out.


When choosing your EVA, you can refine your search based on the skills you need for a task. When you book an EVA with a certain skill, you can know for sure that the EVA has that skill, and is proficient in it. We are extremely thorough in our vetting process, ensuring that each EVA truly has the skills and experience they claim to have, they have to past tests!  Each EVA is highly adept ‒ even a “junior” EVA is leagues beyond an ordinary junior worker.


We don’t just rely on our EVAs’ pre-existing skills and experience. Each EVA receives in-depth training from a VA coach to ensure they are completely capable of working remotely, and have the right hardware to do so.


When you book an EVA, you don’t have to worry about workspace and orientation. All EVAs have their own working technology, equipment, and resources. They are ready to hit the ground running!


Because EVAs are so experienced and used to working under strict deadlines, the amount of work they can do in a concentrated hour is far beyond what is typically expected. When you’re paying per hour, it’s only fair that you expect a good amount of work to be completed in those 60 minutes.


Hiring a full-time employee of the same caliber as our EVA’s would mean a completely unaffordable salary. Every EVA is a expert in his or her field. That means you get the skills of an expert at an affordable rate.

At Express Virtual Assistants, we understand that people running businesses simply don’t have the time to get everything done themselves. There’s no need to hire an employee or even consider a freelancer. If you’re looking for exceptional work at affordable rates, the math all adds up to hiring an EVA.

To find out more about our EVAs or make a booking, visit our website.

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