Don’t Let Festivities Impact You Working Productively From Home

Are you working from home and losing steam? The holiday season comes with many distractions. Here’s how you can keep yourself on track.

With many still working from home due to government restrictions or company protocols, you may find people are starting to lose steam and are less productive. The holiday season is just around the corner, meaning more distractions, especially when working remotely. At Express Employment Professionals, we understand the importance of balance. Here’s how you can have festive fun without negatively affecting your work performance.

Short to-do lists

With fatigue setting in at the end of the year, many of us are unable to focus or find that tasks take longer than usual. Keep your tasks for the day to the essentials without adding unnecessary chores. Getting this work done early gives you time to enjoy with your family without feeling guilty about uncompleted work.

 Avoid online shopping

We’ve all fallen into the trap of online shopping distractions – the idea for the perfect gift for mom pops into your head, so you check it out online. The next thing you know, you’ve fallen down the online shopping rabbit hole and lost hours that should have been spent working. Restrict your time surfing the web for gifts and rather jot down ideas to explore later.

 Keep your workspace

Keeping a dedicated workspace is important for working from home – and not just during the festive season. However, when the holidays come around, your work area can quickly become cluttered with holiday paraphernalia like gift wrap, boxes, and Christmas decorations. Keeping your workspace just for work-related items helps to create a mental divide that will help you stay focused on what you need to get done and on track to meet your daily goals.

Ask for support

The end of the year can bring an influx of work that you simply can’t cope with alone. Instead of struggling alone, check in with yourself to see what support you need and speak to those in charge to get it.

If you are at a management level, you may need to consider ways to help, such as bringing in temp staff to support your online workers in their time of need.

 At Express Employment Professionals, we offer flexible staffing solutions, perfect for providing temporary support during the holiday season. To find out more or for help recruiting excellent temporary staff, visit our contact page to find an office near you or fill out our convenient online form.


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