Express Employment Professionals contributes to Skills Development

A learnership certification ceremony took place on 31 May 2012 at the Automotive Supplier Park in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

Express Employment Professionals gave 50 unemployed learners the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge.
These 50 learners were amongst the unemployed youth of South Africa that were sent through extensive hands on and theory training sessions.
This learnership programme offered them a National Certificate in Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing Processes. The course was presented as a 12 month full time learning cycle. The initiative proved highly effective, as we achieved a 92%+ successful completion rate, says Nizima Cassim-Sayed, Skills Development and Training Manager at Express Employment Professionals. The learners had their practical lessons at Automotive Leather Company (ALC) who participated as the host employer, where they physically stitched, using the machines and practiced what they learnt in the theory lessons. The learners were exposed to the different processes involved in sewing, such as working with a range of patterns and functions and solving problems, assemble and join component parts and much more valuable skills.
These inexperienced job seekers like many other in the country were faced with the daunting task of securing meaningful employment.
Express Employment Professionals took a proactive interest in addressing this problem of unemployment, and assisting with the job deficiencies that we currently face. Our attempt was to ensure that these first time labour market entrants have a recognised qualification backed with on the job training to make them more marketable and hence increasing their opportunities in securing employment. The learners were an enthusiastic group whom have already started engaging further education and training initiatives.

“We wish them all the best for their future careers and are glad to have been part of building the foundations to their success, their determination and perseverance will only bring them forthcoming success” says Nizima Cassim-Sayed.  Express Employment Professionals – HQ

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