Express Employment Professionals recognises a woman’s strength

This year, celebrate National Women’s Day by making freedom and equality your number one focus.

South Africa celebrates National Women’s Day every year on August 9th to commemorate the 1956 march to parliament. About 20 000 women stood their ground and petitioned for the end of segregation. On that day, women from all over the country came together to say: enough is enough.

The peaceful group stood in front of the Union Buildings in silence for a mere half an hour. But the effects of that historical day continue to reverberate throughout the land decades later.

Who can deny the role of a woman in the family, at work, and in the running of governments? They feed, clean, earn a living, and lead. And they do all this not because they seek recognition. Instead, they know they have a duty to fulfil – a duty they love.

Globally, women only hold one out of four senior leadership positions. In South Africa, there has never been a female president. Imagine the world without the strong, nurturing figures that permeate every corner of society.

If you think women do not hold much credit in society, it’s undoubtedly time to take a step back and re-evaluate norms as we know it. Women are the ones working multiple jobs, then rushing home to feed their families. Let’s celebrate those selfless beings who face the daily slog, regardless of how tired they are.

How will you celebrate National Women’s Day on August 9th? Start by fighting for the fairer sex. Fight for equality; demand a fair chance to learn and advance in the workplace. Make a stand against domestic violence, unequal pay and sexual harassment.

That is how you mark this day.

Raise the issues your mothers, sisters, and daughters are facing today. These matters deserve to be front and centre. They need to be discussed at dinner tables; in the boardroom – not only on August 9th.

Express Employment Professionals is proud to lead the fight. Join us today by visiting our website.

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