Face the new year with a team of temp staff

There are usually shortages in January, as employees take leave over December and January. Temp staff can fill the gaps until your regular staff return.

With the majority of the workforce taking leave at the end of December and beginning of January, many organisations face staff shortages. The pace of work towards the end of the year tends to be slower as the year quietens down, which leads to a boom of work to be done at the beginning of the new year. It’s no secret that having your staff return to work in the new year leads to a business having a productive, enthusiastic team ready to take on the new year’s work and perform to the best of its ability. But while your staff enjoy their well-earned downtime, there is a gap to be filled so that your business can take on incoming projects. Express Employment Professionals has just the solution.

Start the year strong with a team of trained temp workers

Whether a company is picking up where it left off or hitting the ground running on new projects, a team of temp workers is the perfect solution to meet the demands of January before your regular staff return to work.

Finding reliable temp staff can provide a challenge. Often, employers are hesitant to bring on temporary workers, thinking that they will have to train them. Working with a leading staffing provider such as Express Employment Professionals is the best way to start the year strong and ensure that your temp team is made up of the best possible candidates.

Working with a professional staffing provider means you have access to temp workers who are qualified to work in the positions you require them to fill. The staffing agency will handle the recruitment process – from sourcing candidates, through to interviews and background checks. Additionally, there is no need to load temporary staff onto your payroll, l as temp staff are typically paid by the provider.

Express Employment Professionals: your partner in efficient staffing solutions

Express Employment Professionals has a number of pre-screened, professional staff on the books who are always available to assist in times of need. Give your business the strong team of qualified temp staff it needs to take the new year by storm. To find out more, visit our Contact Us page to find an office near you or fill out our convenient online form to get in touch.

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