Flexible Staffing Solutions

Flexible Staffing provides alternative solutions in a state of uncertainty.

Flexible Staffing is a strategy that allows companies to turn a portion of their labour expenses from a fixed cost to a variable cost which helps improve both profitability and efficiency. It increases an employer’s ability to acquire talent very quickly and enables companies to be more streamlined and responsive to market conditions.

Cost Savings – Depending on your changing business demands you have the flexibility to bring on workers only when you really need the extra help. This helps you minimize fixed costs and maximize long-term profits.

Time Savings – In business, time is a valuable asset. Think of the time you can save if Express provide you with Flexible Staffing, help you recruit core staff, manage your payroll and provide HR advice.

Grow Your Business – Invest in growing your business and focus on sales. There is market share for the taking, and growing market share means growing demand! So by using Flexible Staffing, you can be assured that you’ll be able to meet the demand created through your sales efforts. Employers won’t have to worry about a production cap limiting their sales and growth potential.

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