Express Employment Professionals offers a business-to-business franchise that creates a great level of success. We succeed because our business model blends caring support with a strong professional drive. By partnering with Express Employment Professionals and our franchise opportunity, you are able to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. As an Express franchise owner, you are making a difference in your community by helping people find jobs and helping local businesses manage their staff. It’s work that matters and gives people hope.

If you have a desire to own your own business or convert your existing staffing company into an Express Employment Professionals franchise, we will assist you in reaching your full potential. Our training, service and support are unsurpassed in the franchised staffing industry.


Payroll Funding

Express Employment Professionals franchising, as an alternative form of capital acquisition, offers our franchisees the necessary capital to pay their temporary staff based at their clients’ place of business.

Processing of clients’ accounts

Since the franchisee provides the initial capital required to open and operate a unit, the payroll cash flow advantage provided by Express HQ, allows our franchisees to focus on growing their business and servicing their clients in all spheres of staffing solutions.

Processing and payroll for staffing solutions

Express Employment Professionals is financially backed by our international Headquarters in the United States of America, which means our franchisees never need to worry about their employees not being paid on time. Our clients have always been able to depend on the people, experience, and professionalism of Express Employment Professionals.

Statutory compliance as Employer of Record

At Express Employment Professionals, the respect for employee and workplace rights is engraved in our culture. We have established a foundation for managing our business in accordance with our commitment to the South African labour laws.

When our associates work with Express, they build a relationship with a team of employment professionals in their community who have, in turn, built personal relationships with the businesses that are hiring. Both our clients and our employees are protected.

Extensive pre-opening support

With Express Employment Professionals, you’re never alone. We offer more than just operational support to our franchisees. By providing systems and sales training assistance, our franchise owners are able to focus on growing their business. Our franchise fee includes training for one week at our Head Office in Centurion prior to opening, 1 week On-The-Job training with the developer team, and one week of On-The-Job training by our EU Trainer in your franchise office, the week after unboxing.  Continuous learning is encouraged through our online access to Express University.

Training & Ongoing Support

Express Employment Professionals’ ensures that we are on-hand to assist whenever necessary. Visiting our franchisees regularly throughout the year is one way of providing practical assistance, though it also doubles as a symbolic demonstration of our commitment. Visiting our franchisees is important because it offers another perspective from which to assess their business’ shortcomings and looks for resolutions. It also helps establish a healthy relationship and highlights the extent to which Express HQ will go to provide support. Put simply; on-site visits are an essential part of the Express franchise model.

Marketing and advertising support

The franchise model has a dedicated marketing team that is able to reach the target customer more effectively through co-operative advertising and promotional initiatives.

Express has access to national marketing and advertising campaigns which offer peace of mind. The marketing team acts as a support piece for your local sales and recruiting efforts.

Increased brand awareness

Express Employment Professionals have built a robust and widespread brand. When opening an Express franchise, there is no need to market your business to prove yourself tirelessly; our franchise has an established reputation since the very beginning. Our brand name speaks volumes, which is why brand awareness is one of the most important advantages when choosing Express Employment Professionals.

Adhere to Bargaining Council requirements

Express Employment Professionals is fully compliant with best practice and regulations governing all aspects of the Employment Services industry. We subscribe to the Codes of Ethics and Codes of Best Practice of the associations and councils we are members of. We are also registered, and comply with Bargaining Council Agreements.

Front and back office software with critical reporting capabilities

One important differentiator is the software that you will use as a franchise owner. Franchise software should be able to handle the unique challenges of a specific franchise offering, which is why the Express proprietary software is a major benefit for our new franchise owners. All our franchisees use the same software, which means they can reach out for support to any of their fellow franchise owners, as well as the HQ IT Department for assistance if they encounter any problems. The availability of support will ensure that our franchisees know what they are capturing when using the software as compiling of detailed reports will be the greatest asset to their business.

ISO registered

Express Employment Professionals is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means that the benefits across the certification includes: widened market potential, compliance to procurement tenders, improved efficiency and cost savings, higher level of customer service, and therefore satisfaction, and heightened staff moral and motivation. By having a recognised management standard it tells our customers that we are serious about their needs.

Our ISO-registered employee selection process is behind our success in finding our clients the exact person they need for their team. Each candidate we send to our clients have been interviewed, background checked, tested and evaluated before they leave our doors.

Expansion opportunities with multiple services in one franchise agreement

Clients have more than one need. Providing multiple product lines, makes life easier and more convenient.

Instead of going to different agents for different senior market needs, our clients can get everything they need from Express Employment Professionals. They enjoy easier communication and less time spent dealing with multiple agents. The benefits of offering more than one product/service line goes far beyond convenience for our clients.

Cross-selling means more money for our franchisees and will develop stronger customer loyalty.

National Contracts

Having both a national & international footprint brings our organization and our franchisees many benefits in being one of the most successful staffing franchises.

Our franchisees have access to a much larger base of customers, they get to enjoy increased revenue from shared national contracts even if they have saturated their markets regionally. They get access to a new pool of job seekers with unique skills and mindsets that could be difficult to source in their own territory.

We have earned our professional reputation in the staffing industry through the credibility of our national and international footprint. Express Employment Professionals are deliberate and proactive in assessing our overall corporate footprint and the degree to which it supports and contributes to our business strategy.

Exclusive Territory

When you buy a franchise, you are also buying an exclusive territory, or protected territory, in which to do business. Franchisors only allow a certain amount of franchises to be open within a certain geographical region. You will usually be entitled to a certain area, and no other franchises (within your franchise system) can be open within that area.

The benefit to an Express franchisee is to assure the franchisee that there will be no encroachment on its customers or its customer base or its geographical territory by another Express franchisee in that system.

Are You Our Next Franchisee?

If this sounds like the right franchise opportunity for you, then do not hesitate to get in contact today. For more information click to download the franchise information kit which is filled with valuable information.


    • Alberton
    • Boksburg
    • Germiston – Sold
    • Johannesburg South – Sold
    • Krugersdorp
    • Pretoria East
    • Roodepoort
    • Sasolburg – Sold
    • Soweto
    • Springs
    • Vanderbijlpark – Sold
    • Vereeniging – Sold


    • Gabarone


    • Rustenburg


    • Bloemfontein


    • Port Shepstone


    • Standerton


    • Kimberley


    • Airport Industria – Sold
    • Atlantis
    • Epping – Sold
    • George
    • Knysna
    • Mosselbaai
    • Muizenberg
    • Observatory
    • Parrow
    • Tokai

Franchisee Testimonials

There are many companies that sell the services we sell, but what makes us different? Well if I have to look at my first 8 weeks at Express Employment Professionals I would say the difference is commitment, support and involvement. I have not experienced this in my 30 plus years in the workplace. Everyone is involved, everyone shares, everyone is committed and everyone is there to support you, give you advise, guide you and cheer you on. It is an amazing feeling working for a company that invests its time and money in building you as a person.

Barney de Klerk Franchise Manager - Express Port Elizabeth

As an experienced recruiter and staffing specialist, I felt that I knew everything I needed to know to run a successful franchise. Luckily the franchise that was most attractive to me, and the only true franchise model, was Express Employment Professionals. I quickly learned that within the Express environment you never stop learning and are continuously developing and gaining more knowledge. This coupled with the incredible marketing, financial, strategic, technological and moral support has made the journey with Express as a new franchise an incredibly easy, lucrative and enjoyable one!

Clive Reid Franchise Owner - Express Linbro Park

From being in this industry for such a long time, I have experienced it all, but nothing like the power of networking and team work with Express, with the freedom of running your own business. A Family of Express franchisees across the world, creates an unique networking module that each franchisee can benefit from. Not only does this benefit the franchisee and staff employed by Express, but also the associates and clients of Express. Having witnessed so many changes within our industry and legislation. the Staffing Industry is still standing, creating opportunities for so many people struggling to find employment, and providing our clients with the employees fit to a roll within their business.

Jo-anne Crundwell Franchise Owner - Express Durban South & Pinetown

When I discovered Express Employment Professionals I was thinking of involving myself into 'something new' and 'different'. While learning about Express I also discovered that there is a lot of training and support that comes with it which encouraged me even more because I believe that out of thorough learning, and support excellence and quality service, delivery thrives.

Dumisa Maphanga Franchise Owner - Express Newcastle