Get Some Oomph To Beat The Year-End Slump

Are you feeling sluggish and unmotivated as the end of the year approaches? Keep performance and productivity high and beat the infamous year-end slump.

November signals the start of the year winding down. Given the challenges we have all faced this year and last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder many of us are feeling sluggish and unmotivated. With the help of Express Employment Professionals, you can keep your staff motivated and their performance high, beating the year-end slump.

Keep focus

Now that the end of the year is here, you may find yourself putting all your mental energy towards plans for the new year. Try to keep your focus and priorities on the tasks and projects that need to be completed to make 2021 a success.

Break it down

Take the current company workload and break it up into manageable tasks for your employees. In doing this breakdown, try to assign tasks along with a timeline for all current projects to be successfully completed. Use this breakdown to gauge whether you have the staff numbers required to handle the workload.

 Check in with staff

This time of year, people feel run down and experience burnout. Make a point of checking in with your staff and find out how they’re doing. If they are in need of additional support, see if there’s a way for management to help out.

Show appreciation

Year-end is a great time to show your employees that you value the work and effort they have put in over the year. Planning a year-end function, company retreat, or little gifts for everyone for the holiday season will show your employees how much they are valued.

 Bring in quality temp staff for support

At Express Employment Professionals, we help you find top-quality candidates for all of your temp staffing needs. We handle the admin, as well as the relevant background and criminal checks, for your peace of mind. Having the support of great temp workers can lighten the load for your permanent staff as they feel the pressures of year-end.

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