Getting the most out of your EVA booking

When booking an Express virtual assistant per hour, it’s important to make sure you get the most out of that hour! Here’s a few tips to make that happen;

Thank you for booking your Virtual Assistant through EVA! We’re very happy that you decided to work with an EVA. If this is your first time dealing with remote staff, you might feel a little apprehensive, and may not know where to begin. We understand that it takes a little getting used to – but don’t worry – we have your back!

What Can I Expect After I Make a Booking?

As soon as you make your booking, the EVA you chose will contact you as soon as she can via phone call. The EVA will introduce him-/herself and recommend that you set 30 minutes of your booking aside to discuss the task and information needed to complete it. This will help the EVA understand your expectations, and make it easier for him/her to relay what he/she will need to complete it. The next step is to send over any relevant information as soon as possible, so that the EVA can start with the task. This way, both of you will be able to make the most of your session.

How Do I Prepare My EVA?

All our EVA’s are trained in assisting you with the hand-over process, but to make the most of your booking, there is something you can do to get more out of the booking namely, reparation. Our EVAs will guide you through the process, but here’s a few tips on what you can prepare:

  • Gather some information about your company – working style, goals, etc., so that your EVA will have a good indication of how you usually work.
  • Give the EVA your preferred method of communication, to avoid frustration and miscommunication.
  • Share all the necessary documents, information, login details, and programs your EVA will need throughout the job.
  • Create a clear list of tasks that you need your EVA to accomplish. It’ll help if decide the priority of each assignment and to check progress.

Do You Vibe?

It’s important that you and your EVA get along and that you feel you can work with him/her. This is another reason why a 30 minute meeting before the booking starts is so important. If however, you do not feel a vibe, you can still change your mind, and we can assign a different EVA to the task.

To make the most out of our service, you’ll need a great working relationship. We understand how important it is to connect well with your EVA. This is why we have a no-strings-attached policy upon a booking.

For more great tips, check out our blog. If you have any questions, we’re just a contact away!

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