Job fraud alert

Richards Bay corporates warn people against fraudsters offering fake jobs


COUNTLESS unsuspecting community members have opened their purses to fraudsters offering them unavailable job positions at Richards Bay’s big businesses.

According to numerous reports to the Zululand Observer, scammers find vulnerable victims by scanning newspapers for persons looking for work in the classifieds section, before contacting the individual with attractive job propositions.

The fake recruiters then ask the unemployed Zululander to pay hundreds of rands to ‘get all of their necessary documents in order’ to secure the attractive work position.

Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT) is one of the corporates recently used in the extortion scam and released a statement warning the public against swindlers posing as RBCT recruitment agents.

‘The criminals entice the victims who in most cases are unemployed and/or have RBCT relevant skills,’ said the statement.

‘They identify themselves as RBCT recruitment agents and then instruct their victims to pay a set ‘fee’ via a retail stores’ money transfer facilities and other means.

‘Job seekers are advised that all RBCT recruitment matters are handled internally by the Human Resources department.

‘Under no circumstances will RBCT accept any form of payment for employment,’ it said.

Article by Zululand Observer

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