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Looking for a quality, certified recruitment team? Look no further than Express Employment Professionals!

Express Employment Professionals’ ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that our customers receive a quality product, as well as better levels of customer service.

Express Employment Professionals is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Benefits of our certification include improved efficiency and cost savings, greater levels of customer service and satisfaction, and an increase in employee morale and motivation. With a recognised management standard, customers know we care about them.

As an international standard, ISO 9001 focuses mainly on quality management systems (those sets of processes, requirements and procedures that guide an organisation’s operations to achieve its goals). There are six mandatory steps for ISO 9001:

Document Control

Maintaining efficient communication is crucial for a smooth business operation. ISO 9001 requires organisations to monitor the flow of information, products and services through proper document control. All members of the organisation have access to the most recent and accurate instructions and proper records are maintained.

Records Control

The IS0 9001 standard requires organisations to establish a documented process for identifying, storing, retaining, protecting, disposing of, and retrieving records. To demonstrate compliance and improve business operations, documentation is a primary purpose of the procedure.

Internal Audit

A comprehensive ISO 9001 internal audit evaluates an organisation’s quality management system for effectiveness and efficiency, as well as identifying and minimising potential risks to compliance with international and internal standards. An internal audit also examines internal controls to determine how well an organisation is doing.

Non-Conforming Product Control

Organisations must develop quality management systems that can identify non-conforming products and poor-quality products, either through internal audits or externally through customer complaints. By controlling non-conforming output procedures, products and services that do not meet quality requirements can be eliminated.

Corrective Action

By eliminating unpleasant actions in the day-to-day business operations, the correction procedure will lead to improved performance for the organisation. The correction procedure involves identifying problems, identifying their causes, and taking action to avoid recurrences.

Preventative Action

Preventive action includes recommending action to reduce specific risks in order to eliminate all potential causes of non-conformity. ISO 9001 requires organisations to document proposed preventive measures.

Express Employment Professionals: ISO registered experts

Organisations seeking to establish a quality management system must adhere to the ISO 9001 mandatory requirements. Every candidate we introduce to our clients has been background checked, interviewed, quizzed and evaluated. Our ISO-registered employee selection process enables us to successfully find our clients the perfect employee for their team. Our ISO 9001 certification assures our clients that the Express Employment Professionals team upholds the highest standards and can be relied on to achieve quality results. If you are recruiting to fill a new position, seeking new career opportunities or are looking to buy into a franchise, visit our website.

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