Meet our EVAs

Are you a busy professionals who needs a reliable right-hand person that meets certain standards? Meet our skilled Express Virtual Assistants and see why they are considered the best.

Do you have an overwhelming amount of workload that you cant’ seem to get on top of? Are you a CEO, manager or entrepreneur that needs assistance but in a non-committed and flexible way? Then you need an EVA. Our experienced, remote Express Virtual Assistants assist our clients in their times of need – from performing Secretarial and administrative duties to taking on critical marketing functions, our EVA’s are standout!  You might have heard about virtual assistants, but you have to meet the Express Virtual Assistants!

EVAs are hand-picked

EVA is the creation of the international leading personnel agency, Express Employment Professionals. Express has years of recruitment, employment and labour experience which makes their recruitment processes thorough and in-depth. This ensures that only the best candidates are considered for the coveted role of being an EVA. Every candidate has to complete the entire recruitment process to be featured on the platform. Each potential EVA is screened and interviewed by an employment specialist.

Every EVA is checked

The process does not end there – to ensure our valued clients receive the best quality service and the most reliable assistants from us, the Express Employment Professionals team does an extremely thorough background check on each candidate. Every EVA has been hand-picked, vetted, screened and has had comprehensive criminal and background checks. Employment specialists also conduct careful reference checks on every potential EVA.

Every EVA’s skills are tested

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an EVA is that you have access to skilled and experienced professionals to help you. We make sure that when our EVAs are assigned a task, no matter the size or urgency, they have the relevant skills and competencies to get the job done. That is why each of our EVAs undergoes rigorous testing to confirm their skills.

EVAs have first-hand experience

We expect our EVAs to hit the ground running when they receive a booking. To guarantee this, we make sure that no EVA is hired for a particular skill if they do not have previous hands-on experience in the field. Our EVAs don’t need to training before jumping into the task you assign them – they already have the hands-on experience that is necessary!

Every EVA receives practical training from a VA coach

After all of this, we take the extra mile very seriously! Even though each potential EVA has the skills and experience to get the job done, each of them attends a training session with an experienced VA coach to ensure they can smoothly integrate into your organisation. Making them perform well from the start!

Express Employment Professionals believes an EVA will make a substantial difference to your business. To hire a professional EVA, visit our website. To contact us with questions or enquiries, send us an e-mail at

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