Our EVAs share your passion and have your back

EVA, like you, understand human nature: people get bored, feel they’ve outgrown your company and leave you in the lurch. That’s why we only hire virtual assistants with a passion for their job and, through that, a passion to please you. That’s why we, at EVA, know hiring our virtual assistants is your answer…

According to the October 2022 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 4.2 million employees in the US resigned. Alongside those that resigned their jobs, 1.5 million workers were laid off because of the downturn in the global economy. But why do people leave their supposedly safe jobs?

The top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs are: low pay – an issue with 63% of employees; lack of advancement opportunities; feeling disrespected at work; childcare problems; and not enough flexibility.

Does this sound like staff issues that came across your desk? Let us, at EVA, remove the feelings from your hiring process.

We pride ourselves on working with people that burn with passion: our professional virtual assistants are all passionate about their skills. We have meticulously vetted them and screened their extensive professional experiences to ensure you get the best of the best.

Know that if you hire one of our talented virtual assistants, their only focus is to give you the best service possible. All you have to deal with is… nothing – because we have already done the work to ensure you have a trustworthy, reliable and affordable virtual assistant.

Our EVAs work remotely, requiring none of the usual staff benefits, desk spaces or even the need to join the gossiping crowd at the tea trolley. Our EVAs stay professional, competent and passionate; not only about their jobs but also the need to fulfil your company’s needs to the best of their abilities.

Best of all, our EVAs are all trained and ready to go to ensure a smooth working relationship with virtually no transition time.

Contact our experienced team of experts today to help you save time, money – and many tears.


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