Portable Fire Extinguisher: How to?


Before you ever use a portable fire extinguisher, you better know the extinguisher to use for each fire class:

( A ) for fires involving combustibles like wood or paper
( B ) for flammable liquids and gases
( C ) for fires where electricity may be present
( D ) for combustible metals like magnesium

 Fire extinguishers are labeled for use on either a single class of fire (A) or (D), or for multiple classes fires (BC), or (ABC).

 Only trained employees should use fire extinguishers. Use the PASS method when using a fire extinguisher:

  • P Pull the pin 
  • A Aim hose at the base of the fire
  • S Squeeze the trigger
  • S Sweep back and forth with the extinguisher

 Remember these firefighting tips:

  • Most fire extinguishers are emptied in less than a minute.
  • Do not attempt to fight a large fire.
  • Never turn your back on a fire once you have extinguished it, it might reignite!!
  • Always activate your extinguisher while still approaching the fire, never when you are already in the danger zone, you might get burnt!!
  • If the fire gets too big, use the buddy system, if that does not work get out and leave it to the professionals.
  • Always leave yourself a way out, keep your back to an exit



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