Respect in the workplace must be a priority

In a diverse world, it’s more important than ever to foster respect for all cultures in the workplace. Here are some tips to make it happen.

How would you like others to treat you? This one question will define your professional success as an HR professional.

Express Employment Professionals knows how you treat your employees means everything to a business. That’s why respecting your staff and fostering respect among them should be your top priority this Heritage Day.

Why respect is good for business

Use our four tips to foster respect among your staff and boost your company to be head and shoulders above the competition:

Respect creates fair working conditions

Let your staff talk – and listen to them. Creating a respectful atmosphere prevents favouritism so everyone can voice their ideas, regardless of their background or seniority. Employees of all ages, genders, races, or sexual orientations will benefit significantly from a fair working environment. When employees can channel their ideas and diverse opinions through engagement, a company can only flourish.

Mutual respect increases employee engagement

Respecting all team members in the workplace is key to keep motivation levels high. Employees who feel appreciated work harder and are less likely to be stressed. Allow staff at different levels to interact freely and exchange opinions, geared towards development through harmony and unity. This makes management’s work easy since everyone will be inspired to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Respect improves profitability

Aside from creating a fair working environment, increasing employee engagement, improving knowledge sharing, and reducing stress, respect will benefit the company’s bottom line. The workplace becomes more enjoyable when there is respect, resulting in increased output under minimal supervision.

Respect reduces brain drain

Empower your employees by valuing them. When staff members trust their managers and teammates, they will perform well. Respect increases employee satisfaction and loyalty, which helps you retain your workers. Additionally, your staff will be more likely to apply for promotions and explore opportunities within your organisation, instead of heading off elsewhere.


Start promoting workplace respect today and see the magic happen in your company. If you are looking for tips on how to create a whole new positive working environment for your company, visit our website. Express understands respect.

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