Tailor fit a workforce that meets your changing needs

From special projects to seasonal peaks, the flexibility to quickly and efficiently respond to fluctuations in business volume is the key to maintaining a highly productive, streamlined workforce.

With Flexible Staffing from Express, you have access to high-quality talent as soon as you need it – only for as long as you need it – giving you the freedom to easily adjust to:

  • Regular seasonal upswings
  • Special projects
  • Unexpected changes in business volume

What are the benefits?

Cost savings – Depending on your changing business demands you have the flexibility to bring on workers only when you need the extra help. This helps you minimize fixed costs and maximize long-term profits.

Saving time – We know that in business, time is a valuable asset. Think of the time you can save if Express provides you with flexible staffing, helps you recruit key staff, manages your payroll, provides HR advice and more.

Grow your business – By using flexible staffing, you can be assured that you’ll be able to meet the demand created through your sales efforts. Employers won’t have to worry about a production cap limiting their sales and growth potential.

Flexible staffing allows you to acquire talent quickly and enables you to be more streamlined and responsive to market conditions. It allows you to convert a portion of your labour expenses from a fixed cost to a variable cost.

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