Testimonial Tuesday – Jo-anne Jansen Van Vuuren, Express Durban South

Meet Jo-Anne, Durban South Express franchisee! “We started from the bottom, now we are here!”

Jo-Anne began her wonderful journey with the Express family as a Sales Consultant and when the opportunity presented itself to own her very own Express office, she grabbed it with both hands, eyes wide open and has just been a success ever since! Read her #TestimonialTuesday success story!!

“My passion for PEOPLE was amplified when I started at a cleaning company in 2008. I have always been a Salesperson by heart but nothing prepared me for the life change when I placed my first cleaners. The joy and gratefulness you receive from people that have been struggling for some time to find employment gave me a new passion. Employment gives hope and puts food on the table for our families. In our beautiful country, one person can be responsible for 9 other people within his/her family. With this, I had a new goal and a new outlook on life. We get to see the struggle first-hand and all I wanted to do was help in any way that I can.

When you renew someone’s hope, you give support and provide opportunity, you can change a person’s future.

I moved over to join a large Staffing Solutions company with my eye on growth, opportunity and how we can make a difference. I started in New Sales and moved up to Business Development. I will forever be grateful for the guidance, knowledge and training I received in the almost 7 years of employment here as I had the opportunity to work, grow and learn from people with over 30 years of experience in our industry.

When I met with the previous owner of the Durban South office, her vision and growth for the Express franchise inspired me to one day own my own. With the opportunity to take the franchise over in a few years, there was no question where I need to be.

With all new journeys there is an aspect of fear and uncertainty. With the Express team my fear of the unknown quickly turned to opportunity, potential and growth within myself.

Within one short year I was offered the opportunity to own the Express Durban South office and take over. Express Employment Professionals saw in me what they believed to be, what a franchise owner should be. For an International Franchise Staffing Solutions company to see the potential in me (their Sales Rep) speaks volumes of their brand, their culture and their values.

Express Employment Professional proudly has over 800 franchises around the world. How do we get there? We see the potential, invest in our people and create the opportunity.”

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