The Importance of Upskilling Your Staff

Training and upskilling your staff with the latest techniques can boost productivity, improve quality, reduce turnover rates, and cut costs.

Express understands how important it is for associates to be competent. Improved productivity and better employment possibilities are but a few benefits of continued training and upskilling.

Education is key for us

Learning doesn’t stop when you leave school: it is a lifelong quest to improve your career – and  it doesn’t stop until you retire. As a staffing provider we know that, and we commit to the ongoing development of our people.

We recognise the importance of education – ad the journey beyond that: bettering yourself through more training. Studies show that 82% of employees leave their workplace because of a lack of progression. We understand the expectations: it’s more than a good take-home salary from your employer.

Progression comes in many forms. Staff members want to feel empowered. They want to be in an environment with a healthy work culture that promotes professional growth. It is only through ongoing learning that employees are able to break out of their socio-economic backlogs. It is so much more than just money – and we understand this.

How do learning opportunities retain talent? Let’s discuss a few crucial points.

  • Increased Trust: When employees get bigger responsibilities, they’ll strive to do better.
  • Better Engagement: Engaged staff members produce more (2.5 times more revenue, to be exact) compared to their disengaged colleagues.
  • Eradicated Glass Ceilings: Limits are a thing of the past – though South Africa still falls far short with equal opportunities. Anyone should have a chance to climb the ranks regardless of their background – and we can help them grow.
  • Empowerment: Empowered employees perform better and show more creativity.
  • Investment: Continuous upskilling programmes show you invest in your employees’ future.

Learn and Grow With Express Today

Ongoing professional development goes a long way in helping companies and their employees. At Express, we show the benefits of training and upskilling. From day one, employers will know that they’re getting candidates that show promise and a willingness to learn, adapt, and grow. Job seekers, on the other hand, love our training programmes – getting ready for you… Talk to us today. Let us show you what lifelong learning is all about.

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