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This Freedom Day, free up your time with temp staff

Choosing to work with experienced temporary employees from Express Employment Professionals will free up precious time and resources for your business.

This April, take Freedom Day to heart and celebrate this momentous day in South African history – and for that, you need to free up time and resources for your business. Express Employment Professionals helps businesses maximise their resources with our staffing solutions, including providing outstanding temporary workers who will make a huge difference to their operations. 

No upfront costs 

When hiring permanent candidates, there are many costs involved. For instance, a recruitment agency requires companies to pay a fee upon the successful placement of an employee – sometimes up to 10% of the employee’s annual salary. But not when you’re hiring temporary staff. With Express Employment Professionals, you are saved from needing to place adverts, conduct interviews or pay for expensive checks to make sure candidates are qualified. 

We do the hassling for you

Our candidates are highly qualified, with completed background checks. Due to their experience, our temporary workers are ready to hit the ground running, with little to no training time required from you. This allows you to focus on your own tasks without needing to spend time showing a new staff member the ropes.

Save, save, save

By hiring temporary staff, you really save on overheads. For instance, there is no need to pay temp employees’ benefits or any contributions over and above the temp worker’s salary. You don’t even need to send them for training or skills courses, as these are handled by either the employee or the agency. You have access to highly qualified individuals and also save money that you can reinvest into your business. 

Free up your business with Express Employment Professionals

At Express Employment Professionals, we guarantee that all our candidates are screened, vetted, and qualified in their fields. Our ISO-registered employee selection process will help your business find the best possible temporary worker for your needs. To get started choosing from our pool of talented candidates or to get in touch with the team, visit our website.

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