We went virtual

Why did Express Employment Professionals decide to go Virtual? We discovered a gap in the service’s we offer our clients. We realised that sometimes business demands additional staff, but part-time or permanent staff may not suit your needs. This is why we created EVA – a service where you can hire the experts you cannot afford to hire permanently as virtual staff that suits your needs without the hassles.

Why virtual is in

There’s a lot of benefits of virtual staffing. EVA is the latest solution from Express Employment Professionals that helps you find the experienced professional employees to help you out virtually. We have created and streamlined an entire online process where you can book your EVA hourly, without contractual commitments. Every candidate goes through rigorous testing, vetting, screening and training. We offer excellent, personalised virtual services to meet your business and staffing needs.

Business owners and entrepreneurs often face great demands with limited employees and need flexible staffing solutions. Our solution addresses that gap.

Understanding that demands on small to medium enterprises inspired the creation of EVA, because our mission is to assist all our clients achieve their staffing goals. The need to work with readily available professional staff is immense, and we want to fill the gap by offering clients access to professionals in a hourly manner.

How does EVA benefit you?

EVA helps you find the right qualified candidates with the necessary skills, without any rigorous processes. We also handle all information distribution, confidentiality, and contracts. What’s more, we fulfil your needs within your desired timeline.

Skilled virtual assistants offering top-quality services make the system very powerful. Bookings and payments are easy and quick, and all our EVAs work per hour.

How does payment work?

You choose the hours you need and pay using a secure online portal once you chose your EVA. Payment is based on the amount of hours and the skill-level and experience of the EVA. After the transfer, you get an invoice and reminders of your booked slots.

EVA supports you

Express Employment Professionals wants to show you why it’s the leading remote staffing provider in South Africa, the US, and Australia. With almost four decades of experience connecting businesses with job seekers, we understand what people want.

If you’re excited to see what EVA can do for you and your organisation, visit our website or send us an e-mail at hello@eva.co.za.

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