Why A Short-Term Job Is The Best Way To Supplement Your Income

Unpacking the benefits of temporary employment and short-term jobs when starting or restarting your career

At Express, our Cape Town office is planning to post testimonials from graduates who secured permanent employment after taking up short-term work. With this, we wanted to share the benefits of a short-term job and how it can not only secure a full-time job but also be a great way to supplement an individual’s income.

As we all know in South Africa, the cost of living in our country, stagnant wages, and the onslaught of Covid-19 have left many unemployed, and even those with jobs needing supplementary income. With many now struggling to support their preferred standard of living, a short-term job is the smartest solution. It, too, helps those in need of employment.

So, what is a short-term job? According to Indeed, “A short-term job is a time-bound position. Short-term positions can be full-time or part-time, but they must have a specific and binding end date for the employer and employee to consider the job short-term. These types of jobs are also referred to as temporary jobs or fixed-term positions. While all industries can and do employ short-term employees, they’re most common in administrative, healthcare, and education positions.”

A short-term job not only helps individuals but business owners too. A short-term job or temporary employment can help individuals generate extra income to pay bills, further their education, explore a new channel of employment, experience a possible employment interest, help with self-improvement, and the gaining of new skills. A short-term job helps individuals build up their resumes and also helps them in determining enjoyment of a specific position and industry as a long-term career option. Short-term jobs also allow individuals to try out a variety of jobs and learn different skills. They too help one to prepare for long-term career goals and may present new opportunities. Short-term jobs further allow an individual to keep up with life with a flexible schedule allowing for the efficient management of professional and personal responsibilities.

With regards to business owners, hiring temporary staff or short-term staff can elevate mounting workloads at less cost, avoid legal or HR costs associated with full-time employees, and can save the business money while getting more business and profits in through the completion of specialised work.

In South Africa, short-term jobs and making the most of a side hustle in efforts to supplement income are best done by following these tips:

  1. Embrace the gig economy and make thorough use of websites, online platforms, and social media, as well as job boards, when searching for your ideal short-term job.
  2. Commit to lifelong learning as the country moves towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitalisation
  3. Keep abreast of employment opportunities and contact a recruitment agency that specialises in short-term jobs and temporary employment
  4. Be sure to apply for short-term jobs or temporary employment opportunities but still keep in mind well-being and not overworking
  5. Determine your goals and understand your expectations

For more benefits of short-term employment, or if you’re looking for that perfect temporary employment opportunities, click here: www.expresspros.co.za/find-a-job/ and get in touch with us at Express.

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