Why Is It Important to Conduct Background Screening?

Learn about the importance of conducting background screening before making a new hire and how Express can help you make the process as easy as possible.

When hiring, companies invest a lot of time, energy, and finances into the process to ensure they get the right candidate for the position. While applicants might submit the required documents, they might also falsify some information. The submissions might also lack vital information on the person’s values. Failing to uncover critical aspects of an applicant may affect workplace productivity and the company’s reputation.

Why Express Partners With MIE AFISwitch for Background Screenings

A background screening verifies a candidate’s educational history, references, past employment, age, and criminal record. The process involves acquiring data from previous employers, law enforcement, credit bureaus, and public records. We at Express get a complete picture of all our candidates by partnering with MIE AFISwitch.

Ensure Workplace Safety

A thorough screening prevents cases of theft, sexual misconduct, workplace harassment, and endangerment of the public. We’ll help you build a safe workplace where all stakeholders can flourish.

Preserve the Company’s Reputation

Employees are representatives of your organisation. It is, therefore, critical to ascertain that their values align with your company’s. A background screening will prevent illegal or improper activities and scandals in or out of work, which will tarnish your brand’s name.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Constantly terminating employees can be expensive for a company and may affect its overall performance. Reduce your turnover rates by hiring people who are a great fit from the very start.

Improve Productivity

Approximately 78% of candidates lie in their resumes. They may stretch the truth regarding their work experiences, skill sets, or educational qualifications. Hiring an unqualified person affects the productivity of the individual, the morale of the team they are in, and customer relations. These are aspects that can jeopardise your company’s growth. This is why Express vets all applicants.

Put Your Trust in Express

Background screening is a crucial step in hiring, regardless of how fast one needs to fill a position. While it might be expensive and time-consuming, the benefits of conducting it are unbeatable. Express Employment Professionals wants you to feel comfortable with your hires. Contact us today to discover what our vetting process can do for you.


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