Why It’s Important To Promote Yourself As A Temporary Worker

Attention jobseekers! Read about an alternative job option that promises new income for you before applying for full-time work.

For those of you looking for work, already job hunting and experiencing rejection after rejection after applying to full-time jobs and a permanent opportunity, we have another option for you to get you working; to get you successful. It’s called part-time. It’s called temporary. It’s called contract work.

Yes, the sound of part-time or temporary may get you thinking that it’s impossible to survive off this kind of work, but take a moment to consider what you’re about to read.

Open Up The Pool Of Job Possibilities

Why? Well, first off, employers around the world now seek temporary staff. It’s a movement that is gathering fast momentum. And if you have seen many job posts with ‘part-time’ and ‘temporary’ within the job descriptions, it’s because this is the way the work world is going. With remote work now being business as normal and with technology allowing businesses to operate in a new way, employers are seeking those who are willing to work with these changes. Furthermore, employers are hiring on a part-time basis and seeking staff on a contract basis because times are tough and business expenses are high. So, before you only apply for full-time work and put ‘permanent’ on your job desires, think again. Open your job opportunity pool and start signing up for those many part-time job positions now.

Many Part-Time Jobs Bring Multiple Income Streams

And yes, you may think that having a once-off, contract or part-time job won’t keep the lights on and your family fed, we’re suggesting you seek more than one part-time job. How exciting actually to think your work life could be ever-changing and ever challenging with multiple employers sending you work. Sure, getting a foundation of multiple employers does take time but with so many hiring, it’s soon to be recurring and constant. Also, if signing up with a recruitment agency like us who is specialising in part-time, temp staff, you’re soon to be so busy!

Learn, Skill-Up And Enjoy Flexibility Among Other Benefits

Also, part-time, temporary job opportunities come with diverse skill levels and needs. From semi-skilled to unskilled, just about anyone who shows their worth can get work – and also rapidly expand on their skills with every new temp position. For those wanting to learn more, working different roles and learning skills within these roles can complement part-time studies, too. Why? Well, because temporary work is flexible. Part-time and short-term positions allow flexibility to study, to do errands, to do hobbies, to look after your children. Some of these part-time temp jobs allow you to work and earn a second or third income – a side hustle too on a flexible basis. In this sense, it becomes more financially rewarding, with professional networks increasing too. And, if you’re still hellbent on gaining a full-time position, a part-time position could eventually lead to one if you shine bright enough during your temporary placement.

So, with this in mind, speak to us about your potential within the temporary staffing arena and let’s get you working for part-time, contract and temporary roles that allow you to benefit in so many ways. Click here: https://www.expresspros.co.za/find-a-job/

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