With EVA, payment is made upfront and bookings are made by the hour. Ever wondered why?

Concerns over bookings and payment keeping you from hiring a Virtual Assistant? EVA is here to bring you answers.

It has become increasingly more popular to outsource daily business tasks to virtual assistants. Business owners are making use of Virtual assistants more than ever! Have you been hesitant to hire a virtual assistant because you need more information about bookings and payments? Look no further, EVA is here to help you!

Why do I have to make bookings per hour?

Our Virtual assistants are booked by the hour to ensure flexibility and affordability. It also assists in making the process more transparent and makes record-keeping a lot easier. The hourly rates vary because of each EVA’s (Express Virtual Assistant) level of experience, the skills needed for your task, and other factors like equipment needed etc. Hourly rates make it possible for the EVA to track their time, and makes it easier to establish how many time is needed for particular tasks. This also assist with reports and feedback.

Virtual assistants are temporary staff members, and are thus paid differently than permanent employees.

Why do I have to pay upfront? 

Upfront payment is not uncommon in the virtual assistant industry. Using our online platform to book an EVA is a lot like shopping online – you browse, and then purchase a slot of time with your chosen EVA. This payment then confirms your EVA, and slots your task into his/her calendar. The payment portal we use is proven to be secure and safe.

Why do I need to make use of the booking system?

Making use of EVA’s booking system holds multiple benefits. The system keeps clear, transparent records for both parties. It also simplifies the ‘browsing’ process as you can search by skill, task or software and you’re able to check their availability. Every EVA on the platform has been recruited, screened, checked, tested and trained to make sure you’re booking quality staff!

Express Virtual Assistants: Simple, uncomplicated and skilled additions to your business

EVA allows you to access skills from experts, with experience across various industries – by the hour!  We have eliminated the things that take up time – no quotes, no paperwork, no middleman!  We believe booking an EVA will change your business for the better, and free up your hands to focus on the important stuff.  To start the process of hiring a professional EVA, visit our website. To contact us with questions or enquiries, send us an e-mail at hello@eva.co.za.

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